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“Rocket Rx is awesome! It is convenient and the doctors are very helpful. Delivery is always very fast. I'm so glad I found Rocket Rx to fill my much needed medication.”
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Find out what men like you think about RocketRX
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Dr. Phillip Ryan Whitman
Dr. Phillip Ryan Whitman
Clinical Pharmacist
Dr. Sajad Zalzala
Dr. Sajad Zalzala
Family Physician
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Laurie Lowe Nelson
Laurie Lowe Nelson
Family Nurse Practitioner
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Heather Scott
Heather Scott
Family Nurse Practitioner
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Don’t let hair loss take control.

Hair loss affects 2/3 of all men, but you can do something about it. Finasteride helps to stop your hair follicles from shrinking, which can prevent future hair loss and stimulate regrowth. Simple.

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